Subway Resales

There are approximately 42, 000 Subway stores world wide, with many franchisee’s been in Subway the franchise for many years. There are approximately 2000 Subway stores in the UK, with the 2000 store being opened by Chris Seymour in Hemal Hempstead.

Subway encourages their franchisee’s to grow in to multi unit operators, with some franchisees owning up to 40 stores. Chris Seymour who opened the 2000 store in Hemel Hepstead has a group of 12 stores, making him a medium sized multi unit operator.

A Subway resale offers excellent return on investment, with staff in place, customer base and cash flow from the moment you take over. A Subway store can make profit of £ 25k for a small store and up to and in excess of £100k for larger stores. Contact us now to discuss Subway resales, we may be able to find you a resale that suits your budget and location. Alternatively, we can offer you advice and guidance on how to get started in franchising. With experience of selling businesses since 2001.

Subway Resales

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