Subway The Healthy Alternative

Subway is the largest quick service restaurant franchise in the world, its unique menu offering of 37 million different combinations put it streets ahead of any competitor.

The Subway menu is a healthy alternative to conventional fast food quick service restaurants. The salads are made to the customer’s order, which is further complimented by a variety of meats, or simply have a veggie option. You can also have your sub toasted should you wish, all this equals a healthier eating option, Subway also support the British Heart foundation.

Subway has the following USP:

The brand has World Wide brand identity and high brand loyalty,

The Menu replicates need for fresh, healthy fast food.

The brand offers Hygenic food and quick service.

 Adaptable menu offerings for all customers.

 Staff training is systematized, brief and intended to assure speedy start-up for new employees.

Offer wholesome sandwich that are preferred and considerably better as compared to food offered by other fast-food chains

Contact us for further details on Subway the franchise brand or for opportunities in becoming a subway franchise owner, whether it is a new location or to discuss an existing store locations. 

Subway The Healthy Alternative

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