Sam’s Chicken

Sam’s business is that of fast food retailing. We achieve success in this market through our restaurants and take-away operations. Our brand, Sam’s, stands for being the best in quality and the price at which the product and service is delivered.

Sam’s started in operation in 1990 with its first restaurant in Wealdstone, Harrow, Middlesex. It has expanded since then to more than 34 outlets nationwide though its main presence is in London. Sam has developed his own secret mix of spices that goes into the flour preparation and the process of cooking that gives the crispy golden brown chicken product lines, which holds the key to its business success.

Sam’s has expanded so far through franchising its successful product. To ensure that the quality and service that has come to be associated with Sam’s are maintained by the new franchisees, the expansion is being carefully planned and managed.

We are a business that’s going places. We have embarked on an incredible journey which takes us through an expansion program of our brand in the U.K. We have eye catching menu, fantastic new interiors and dramatic expansion of our facilities, promises to make our brand an even bigger attraction for our customers.

Our franchisees are so important to our success, we are looking to expand our relationship with talented individuals with aspirations of becoming successful entrepreneurs, who have got a real appetite and not afraid of hard work and possess the right attitude and passion as us and want the chance to stamp their own personality on a “SAM’s CHICKEN” restaurant, than we want to meet you.

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Telephone: 01462 685633


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