Southern Fried Chicken offers delicious freshly fried and grilled chicken cooked in our unique blend of authentic herbs and spices. Tangy Southern Fried Chicken cooked in our signature breading, spicy Hot ‘n’ Flaky wings, grilled Piri Piri. A variety of hot chicken sandwiches and a range of beef burgers, along with all the favourites, our menu has something to delight everybody. All backed up with over 40 years of experience in delivering a sustainable and scalable business model that can deliver fast growth and a rapid return on investment.

Family owned and operated from our HQ just a short drive from London, Southern Fried Chicken is a global brand. With restaurants in 19 countries, Southern Fried Chicken provides a business model that adapts to developed and developing markets with ease. Supported by a team with decades of experience as QSR professionals, you will be guided step by step through finding locations, sourcing ingredients, restaurant design, sourcing equipment, initial on-site training, marketing, and technical support.

If you are looking for a great business, have the management capacity, the ability to build a great team around you and the financial muscle to build your dream, speak to the franchise team.



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