The SUBWAY franchise brand is possible the number one franchise opportunity with over 2,000 locations in the UK and Ireland. Worldwide, there are more than 44,000 SUBWAY stores in over 110 countries.

Large part of its success is due to its robust franchisee support systems, Subway allows each franchisee to operate with a tried-and-tested system that uses a solid support structure, which is further enhanced by its excellent training. There is an abundance of advice available to potential franchisees that are interested in buying a Subway franchise.

Every SUBWAY restaurant is focused on making great sandwiches, so great in fact that many SUBWAY customers have become franchise owners simply because they believe in the product!

A new store will cost will vary, depending on location, size of store, equipment cost. Bank funding is available, typically you will need 50 to 70% liquid funds.

Create your own Subway success story, many franchisees started of as customers, enjoying the product so much, that they went onto to invest in a Subway franchise, some start of with one store, then going on to open multi unlit locations. At Subway we can match your ambition, if you wish to own a single location or open multi locations.

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Telephone: 01462 685633

Subway Food Franchise Offering

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