Business Planning

Franchisors and Franchisee’s need a professional business plan to help them get started in their business journey. A good business plan is important to ensure that you present a good and solid case to not only potential financiers but to all franchise companies.

The business plan is an important part of the application process and can affect your chances of success if completed incorrectly. This important document not only helps with applying for potential franchising opportunities but it also assists in getting financial support from the banking institutes. Whilst you may have an understanding of business objectives, purpose, budgets and strategies. Preparing a professional business plan should be left to those with the proper qualifications, knowledge and skill set in preparing them.

Vishalli Patel, who is a qualified CIMA accountant and worked her way up to a Financial Controller before leaving to start her first Subway Franchise, heads our Business Plan Service. Vishalli believes the success to her business was because she always kept her Business plan and cash flow documents up to date. This helped her to understand the performance of the company to create a successful business.’

“Having been a qualified accountant before starting my first Subway store in 2004 my journey to becoming a multi-store owner was simple as I got my Business Report correct from the start. I have a vast amount of knowledge and experience on what is required within a business plan to successfully get an application accepted.”

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